Common Questions about having your window professionally cleaned

What's included in the Residential Service? 


BricksWCS will remove and wipe down screens, clean window frames and sills, and professionally clean the interior and exterior glass as part of our professional window cleaning service. 

How long does a professional window cleaning service take? 


Times vary, depending on several factors, but typically, for one window cleaner, it will be 2-3 hours for single story exterior window, and 4-6 hours for two story exterior windows. 

How do I get an estimate? 


Easy! Just give us a call, and we can usually provide an accurate estimate over the phone. Otherwise, we can schedule a few minutes to meet in person at your residence to discuss the process and agree to a fair and reasonable price.

How much does it cost to have your windows cleaned? 


BricksWCS bases estimates on the average hours of work involved, rather than counting the number of windows, types, or sizes. This results in a fair estimate for the customer with no hidden costs or confusion. 

Average costs for Exterior Residential Window Cleaning is about:

$150.00 for Single Story Exterior Windows $250.00 for Two Story Exterior Windows


What information do you need to provide an accurate estimate? 


You will be asked to provide very basic information, such as the size of your home. If you want us to clean the exterior, interior, or both sides of your windows. If your second story window screens are accessible from the inside of your house. If you have Solar Screens, and/or Storm Windows.  If there are any specific issues that you want addressed. Time since last professional window cleaning. 

Interior window cleaning method and cost? 


BricksWCS uses traditional methods (Squeegee, with Purified Water or Environment Safe Cleaner) to professionally clean your interior windows. BricksWCS cost for interior window cleaning is typically between $100.00 and $150.00.

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